Nigerian Cinema Imagery Part 1: Kirakita Eda

The Nigerian film industry, often dubbed “Nollywood” is the third largest in the world (After Bollywood & Hollywood). It is estimated that around 1,300 films are turned out annually. The content varies from comedy to drama to horror (the latter often focusing on local folklore) but all genres are super-talky with production values reminiscent of South American soap opera. The films are made in a hurry, on super-low budgets. Some are shot in English, while others, like this one, are shot in Yoruba. Features are shot, cut, burnt to VCD and packaged in around two weeks…

This is the first film I have looked at from the the three VCDs and one (old) VHS tape that I picked up at Ridley Road Market in Dalston. The film, which seems to be a comedy-horror, includes a long scene in which a man who pumps up tyres for a living has an argument with a prospective customer. The fracas concerns whether or not he’ll “pump up a he-goat.” Shortly before this he threatens to pump the mouth of his sleeping, disabled employee using his petrol-powered pneumatic pump… As baffling and worrying as it is funny.

These stills have been seriously messed with to try & counter the terrible digital quality of the VCDs… More to follow soon…

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