First Polaroids Using Impossible Project PX 680 First Flush Film

Top of Packaging

Since Polaroid ceased production of their iconic film, a few ex-employees of a Dutch polaroid factory decided to try and resurrect it. Unable to use Polaroid’s formula, they had to develop a film from scratch which would work with Polaroid cameras. It is a very different film, and it doesn’t always create successful results – unless you stick to their rules. IMMEDIATELY shield the photo from light the second it pops out & never try and use it in any temperature condition other than 17-24 Celsius. The results are different – images are soft and colours murky – but I rather like it. It’s something that can only be done sparingly, as the films – in their deliciously designed packaging – only house 8 photographs and weigh in at £19.59 each… This could be considered a rip-off – but then – based on the presumed supply-and-demand and scale of the company I imagine they can’t charge much less… 10 prints in a pack would have been nice though.





Below is the back of an Impossible Polaroid – I like the way “Impossible” is stamped subtly on the bottom right.


The Packaging – Sleek-as…

Front Packaging

2 thoughts on “First Polaroids Using Impossible Project PX 680 First Flush Film

  1. We’ve been messing with the impossible project stuff – black and white though – basically requires very low light – it depends on the flas for an image with decent contrast – everything else just comes out wishy washy – even a bit sepia…haven’t tried the colour yet. Plus we have a pretty lame nu-skool piece of plastic polaroid camera – probably doesnt help. Your pix make me want to try the colour stuff though.

    • Ah OK cool – I’m waiting to try my BW film – got one waiting in the rafters! Where are you getting the film from & for how much?

      My camera’s pretty crappy too – in that you cannot turn the flash off so it always fires with flash… Wld like to be able to regulate the light that gets to the film.

      Have you got any impossible pics up anywhere?

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