Film Review: Submarine [****]

Dir: Richard Ayoade

Country: UK/USA

Cert: 15

97 mins

Submarine seems to be the first standout British example of the coming-of-age romantic comedy. Actor & comedian Richard Ayoade here makes an assured directorial debut, bringing enough originality and warmth into the mix to make for a highly engaging hundred minutes at the cinema.

Craig Roberts plays Oliver Tate, a fifteen year old, angst-riddled lad in a small Welsh town with a penchant for snooping on his functional, if emotionally repressed parents (played brilliantly by Sally Hawkins and Noah Taylor).

Oliver manages to find love in the tricksy petty-arsonist Jordana (Yasmin Paige) – who’s “slightly more popular” than himself.

In a supporting role, Paddy Considine steals the show as Graham Purvis – a phoney, bemulleted spiritualist with designs on Oliver’s mother.

As well as these finely crafted characters, Ayoade shows real cinematic flair with some great sequences – most notably a flashback, told in super-8…

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