LCC: Collages 08-20/100

I’m cross that I’ve failed to blog since Monday. But to be honest I’ve been busy as all hell in one way or another…

I found out as well that I cocked up with the collages – We were supposed to do all 100 EITHER portrait or landscape. Now I can’t use the portrait ones from before, so I have to do even more! It’s nae bother though, as it’s still work for the archives.

I do feel that perhaps I’m barely collaging on a lot of these – Most are just one image with one piece of text, but I’m going for the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) philosophy on the whole as I think it makes them work better compositionally (Not that they all work brilliantly).They’re still silly as all hell…

Nespresso Campaign Fall 2010


X-Pro A Coruña

Men & Beast

The high frequencies of tape hiss are not upsetting THIS mutt. He uses the Dolby system...


Win Fame & Money... For Both Sexes... With Free Equipment...


Surströmming. Because you love it.

Sarkozy in his youth...

"Take these supplements and you'll find that in 7 days you can have a body like mine!"

The West

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