Raindance Film Festival report: Vampires

Dir: Vincent Lannoo

Country: Belgium

Cert 18, 88 mins

What an absolute treat this film is! I went down to the Apollo cinema in Piccadilly not knowing what to expect from this low budget francophone Belgian mockumentry. It’s the account of the 3rd human film crews attempt (the first two were eaten) to document the nightly lives of an upwardly mobile vampire family.

Georges, the father, is very happy in Belgium. The authorities frequently donate illegal immigrants for the family to feast on, and they have a live-in ex-prostitute (known as their “meat”) who offers cups of blood in lieu of morning coffee. Their teenage son, Samson has a voracious sexual appetite which often services Bertha, his mother, whilst daughter Grace continually fails to commit suicide because she wants to be a human.

Although it has some brutal moments, this is very much a comedy in the worst possible taste rather than a horror film.

I really hope this film will get a theatrical release in the UK, as it’s brilliantly acted, very fast moving, and hugely entertaining. The half-full auditorium was guffawing throughout.


Theatrical trailer:

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